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Missing Cat: Woddy at Barcombe avenue on Wednesday 30th July

Our cat is 9 months old, he is called woody. He is neutered and micro chipped but has no collar. He is a black long haired fluff ball. He has a few white hairs in his tail. He has quite a lot of hair in his ears. He has a very bushy tail. He has distinct yellow eyes.

He went missing from our garden, Barcombe avenue  on Wednesday 30th July. It is completely out of character as he always mooches off but comes back.

Our 4 year old son is beside himself with worry.

We have had lots of sightings around hailsham avenue, amesbury avenue & cricklade avenue, which leads us to believe that someone may have taken him in. We have put posters on every street & even offering a reward.

We desperately want him back. His sister of 9 months also is missing him.

Thank you